Home Alone…

Groceries for a whole week,  a large stock of ribbons, wool,lace and beads in storage and the door locked…..Yep, my husband mr. H is skiing for the week and I’m home alone. Can you imagine…non-stop felting, sewing, knitting, solder, crafting like crazy. 

All day in sweatpants,  hair in ponytail and a table full of tools and materials I do not have to clean up because of diner 🙂
Sure, I’m glad when he’s back from his ski-trip, but for now……hmmmmm 😉

a Mermaids Journal

When I look out of my window, the Narnia scene has disappeared; snow has melted and the sun is  trying to peep through the clouds, which causes a little bit of Spring feelings inside my tummy.  When such seasonings feelings appear, the colors in my mind changes from Fall to Spring. You can see it in my creations, that’s why a made this Fairy Tale Mermaids Journal. Yes, I’m aware that it’s a little to early to feel the spring in the air, but after a very cold winter (which I love btw) I’m into a little springtime 🙂

Because of the lovely weather I think this afternoon I’m going for a walk with my husband- Mr. H- and the dogs ‘Sammie and Lotte’.

But first I have to attach ties to the Mermaids Journal I have made yesterday evening. Then it’s finished. Here’s a preview;

 felted bookcover

I used wool/curls from the Angora Goat, the Wensleydale sheep, silk Rods, silk ribbon, some Beads and what I’m most proud of; I dyed all of the fibers myself!

Second Life

Yesterday I decided to clean out my wardrobe when I found my baby blue sweater which I didn’t wear for years, because I find it rather dull. So what do you do with dull stuff? You throw it out or pimp it up, right?! I choose for the last option and began to crochet the edges with off-white cotton, then punched some white dots of wool here and there on the sweater and finally added little roses on the front.


First it was just a plain blue sweater, now it is a creation to die for, don’t you agree?!!

about Kruimeltje

When you look at the categorie ‘Sophie’s Farm’ you probably think I have Pigs, cows and perhaps goats, but I don’t….What I do have are chicken, dogs and cats and that’s what I like to call Sophie’s Farm. Today I want to introduce Kruimeltje, a little surviver who was thrown out of the car by sombody who didn’t want her, when she was about 4-5 weeks young. This happend last summer, July 2010,  I was working at that time in a little store at an Estate when I heard I soft miaow outside my window. There she was, I tiny little kitten, looking at me with big sad eyes. She was very scared and wouln’t come near me, so I decided to feed her daily, thereby hoping one day she would be big enough to take care of herself.

After a month, the owner of the Estate began to complain about the little cat and told me I have to get rid of her or else he would give her ‘a bullet between the eyes’. So the next day I brought a box with some food in it, hoping she would go in. And she did! I closed the box, put it in my car and drove home. The kitten (I called her ‘Kruimeltje’, which is Dutch for ‘Crumb’ because she stole all the crumbs from the kitchen :-)) was very quiet in the box and when we arrived it looks like she felt immediately at home.

Kruimeltje is about 7 months old now and the picture shows she wears a red outfit, that is because she recently has been sterilized. The outfit prefents from licking the wound.

Next time I will introduce the next member of Sophie’s Farm, so keep on following!


…she doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve made my sister a pair of mittens. When the postman does a good job today, she might receive them this morning. I know for a fact, that these are the most efficient protection against the cold weather; good made woolfelt is wind-and waterresistent and very pleasant to wear because their weight is as light as a feather.

You might think my sister’s a Yeti…. 🙂

But look how nice they turn out to be!

Warm belly

Staying the whole day indoors (freezing cold outside, burning fireplace in the house and purring cats on my side, what a punishment ;-)), I could undisturbed play with my new applegreen wool, which I’d ordered at the Wollknoll in Germany. I wouldn’t discover this ‘Land of Plenty for Felters and Spinners’ without the tip from Nicola Browns Blog Clasheen and I’m very greatfull I did 🙂 Applegreen is one of my favorite colours, it mixes so well with a lot of different colours. I also used tiny spots of silk and little glass beads.

Proudly I present my Felt Belt;

Felt Belt

Why Blogging…

…I often wondered,  so I just didn’t.

It takes time to maintain a Blog, everybody on this planet does it, where to write about and who cares? On the other hand, before I can give my opinion on this, I have to try it out. So I did; last week I register on WordPress, figured out how to begin and type the first words about the White World I’m in right now on my keyboard…the next day I wanted to share my new felt- creation with the world, my third post was about my chicken….

Now I noticed since I started Blogging, I’m more consious about the things I do and the things I experience. It doesn’t matter whether my posts are being read or not, it just feels great to read my own Blogs back and realise what a great life I am leading and how I love doing what I do. Blogging helps me to stay in the Now and to count my blessings ( being Dutch it also helps me to practice my English…;-))